Building resilient businesses is a journey of perseverance...



“We're a path for owners to sell their business to a trusted and experienced operator and team of investors committed to growing it for the long run”

Mike Drinkwater, Founder & General Manager,


Proven Operator

Mike is an experienced general manager who successfully grew three B2B regulatory compliance technology and services businesses during his 10-year career at                     Thomson Reuters.

Long-Term Growth Commitment

We build on the founders' legacies, maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit of the business and pursuing sustainable growth over the long run.

Experienced Capital and Team

VISTA HIGHLAND is backed by a family office and entrepreneurial investors experienced in building businesses; Mike will commit his own capital to any acquisition.

Grounded in Values

Guided by integrity, hard work, respect and a passion for continuous improvement, we seek to deliver for customers and partners, ensure a great place to work for employees and contribute to local communities where the         business operates. 

Ability to Execute

Selling a business is an important life and financial decision. We are prepared to confidentially engage with owners and to follow a clear, swift process to reach and close on an agreement.

What Makes A Match?



  • Business-to-business services

  • Proven resilience with long-term growth tailwinds

  • Fragmented/regional industry makeup



  • EBITDA: $1M to ~$4M

  • Consistent earnings performance​

  • Recurring revenues and a track record of growth



  • Located in the US Northeast or surrounding area

  • Proven product/service market fit​

  • Low customer concentration​

  • Capital structure: we seek to acquire 100% of the company

Our Story


VISTA HIGHLAND LLC, founded in 2020, is a private investment firm focused on acquiring one B2B services business in the US Northeast that Mike will operate and grow as a long-term owner-operator.

Mike is passionate about managing and building sustainable businesses with great people and products. He believes now is an important time to invest in an entrepreneurial business that can continue to thrive and deliver for employees and local communities.

Backed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurial investors and advisors, Mike will also commit his own capital to any acquisition. Mike and his wife will move with their young family to the community where the business is based.


VISTA HIGHLAND is named for the rugged, inspiring landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, through which Mike, a lover of the outdoors, has explored extensively, connecting with his ancestral roots.




Mike Drinkwater, Founder and General Manager

During 10 years with Thomson Reuters, Mike built a reputation for integrity and effective general management.  He led high-performing teams and scaled three corporate tax and accounting software and services businesses in the US and internationally. Earlier in his career, he held roles in corporate strategy, finance and business development, during which he closed multiple M&A transactions.

Prior to Thomson Reuters, for six years, Mike was a management consultant with Accenture where he enjoyed rolling up his sleeves to help telecom and technology companies sharpen their operations and performance.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore and an Honors Business Administration (HBA) Bachelor’s degree from the Richard Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario. 

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